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Who We Are

Stop searching and start talking about your problems and getting answers right away. We are building communication software that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to connect people in need with businesses who can serve them.

Go Call Go is a platform as a service (PaaS) company aimed at providing a platform for consumers to speak with pre-qualified service professionals across any service, instantly.

Our algorithms learn overtime and tailor the content according to your preferences and provide you a seamless experience by connecting you to quality professionals. For-profit and non-profit businesses who coordinate their services over the phone, can apply to join our network and receive calls.

Providing Quality services is our foremost priority and that’s why businesses must be at least an 80% equivalent minimum positive service rating on leading consumer feedback sites in order to qualify to participate in our communications network.

For Consumers

Get instant voice conversations with a curated network of trusted service providers. All calls are always free to the consumer. Personal information is protected and available to be transmitted on-demand to the service provider.

We are your trusted partner for instant qualified connections exactly when you need help. We also include a rating mechanism to capture the quality of the interaction with a given service provider through the Go Call Go interface.

If there is a bad experience, we will make sure you are never routed to that service professional again. Also, if you want to go directly to a brand, you can type in the brand and get connected instantly

For Business

Clients on demand. We are the most efficient form of generating new leads for your business. Pay for calls only when you need new business and have someone available to take the call (simply press 1).

Consumer initiated with qualification questions. You set what you pay. Your volume of calls depends on the bid, budget, third party rating, and CallerReady ratings.

As a business, you will sign up to receive calls through a link on the site. Businesses that want to receive calls will have to submit online ratings (examples: Yelp, BBB, Google Reviews, Angie’s List) that demonstrate a minimum score of 80% over the prior 12-months, must be updated annually.

This is a pay per call service that is available via web browser on PC/Mac and on Phone and ultimately via Android and iOS apps.


Calls are king, one of the most powerful mechanisms of engagement with your consumer. We are not just a deep vertical site to do internet text research.

Instead, a fast connection service that makes it super straightforward and fast to speak with someone who can help you with your issue.

Patented technology around competitive call distribution, call auctions, sharing information when pushed by the consumer and/or phone number available to the buyer after 60-seconds on the phone (phone handset, WebRTC or SIP from application or browser into a conversation with a winning buyer awarded from competitive call distribution).

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